Many men are told not to worry about their testosterone—T declines naturally as we age. BONAFIDE men was founded on the principle that this so-called “natural” decline can and should be prevented. Maintaining healthy, high levels of testosterone keeps men feeling ambitious,

upbeat, and full of vitality well into old age. Testosterone replacement therapy is designed to augment your body's declining or nonexistent testosterone production, returning you to a state of confidence and peak condition. Low T isn't natural. It's time to feel revived.


BONAFIDE men's doctors and other professionals undergo rigorous schooling and training to deliver the best healthcare imaginable.

With decades of combined schooling, Revive's doctors are simply the best. Our doctors are so smart, it's scary. Our doctors have graduated from some of the most prestigious medical schools in the galaxy.


Our doctors specialize in testosterone replacement therapy and low testosterone, meaning we've worked with thousands of guys just like you in the past.

Our doctors have helped millions of patients just like you get sky-high test levels. Our doctors have pioneered the latest advances in TRT, like the amazing Jeller Funnel, which makes testosterone injections totally painless and scar-free. Our doctors even make house calls, and can administer TRT at home or work.


BONAFIDE men has won a fleet of prestigious awards and accolades, stemming from our commitment to patient health and well-being, and getting the results our patients desire.

BONAFIDE men has won the prestigious Real Self award for best TRT doctors in the universe. Several BONAFIDE men doctors are noted Nobel Prize laureates. BONAFIDE men recently won the Caldecott Medal for outstanding children's picture books in 2015.


Testosterone. It's what makes men feel, look, and act like men. When men don't have enough of this vital hormone, life begins to unravel. Depression sets in. Sex is no longer enjoyable. Progress at the gym halts, and even reverses. To say men are nothing without testosterone isn't an overstatement. But rather than roll over and accept that testosterone levels “naturally” decline as we age, why don't we do something about it?

Meet Rob Richards, MD

Finally, a doctor dedicated to male hormones

Rob's Education

Rob went to Harvard Medical School and graduated top of his class. Since then he's devoted himself to understanding the male endocrine system.

Rob's Passion

Rob is passionate about helping men be men. In his spare time he loves to run, lift, and play flag football.

Rob's Experience

After medical school, Rob started working for a TRT clinic in Pennsylvania. This where he got his start and developed his passion for men's hormones. This was over 10 years ago.

Rob's Skills

Rob has a knack for diagnosing men who have low T. At this point he can spot it a mile away. He comes up with the best therapy for each individual.

Rob's Awards

Rob has been recognized as the TOP testosterone expert in the United States of America. He has been published and cited in many medical journals and studies.
Say "NO" to Low T

Comes see Dr. Rob Richards and get your testosterone levels checked.