Meet Gary

These days, Gary is doing just fine. Better than fine. Fantastic, even. Before? Not so much. Rewind to last year, and Gary's body and mind were getting pummeled by low testosterone. Worst of all, he didn't even know it...

1 Year Ago...

Gary was feeling down. Depression and anger were daily occurrences. Since Gary turned 30, his quality of life had taken a turn for the worse. Gary was gaining weight, losing motivation, and going limp in the bedroom...

Gary researches...

Doctors couldn't help. They suggested depression medications, or worse—that Gary didn't really have a problem. Finally fed up, Gary started digging around on his own. He found there were millions of men just like him. And Gary found an answer...


Gary finally found a doctor who could help. Now on TRT, Gary's life has done a complete 180. He's dominating at work, demolishing at the gym, and his love life is better than ever. Now Gary finally remembers what it feels like to be a bonafide man again.

Feeling like Gary?

Here are 6 Sure Signs of Low Testosterone


Lack of Energy

Low testosterone also means low energy, keeping you in bed longer and forcing you to take naps even when you don't want to.

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Decreased Enjoyment in Life

Low T destroys your interest in just about everything, from work to fitness to relationships.

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Muscle Loss and Fat Gain

Tough muscle gain, easy fat gain—these are the realities of low T.

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Loss of Sex Drive (libido)

Low T decreases your desire for sex and makes getting and maintaining an erection extremely difficult.

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Loss of Ambition

With low T, every challenge seems insurmountable, and all goals seem out of reach.

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Low T causes men to feel hopeless all the time, which is only made worse by the fact that finding treatment is so difficult.

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You are not alone!

Dr. Richards has helped thousands of men just like you.

Rob Richards


Hi there, I'm Dr. Rob Richards. About ten years ago, my life was in a pretty rough spot. In fact, I probably felt exactly the same as you do right about now—everything was an effort and nothing felt rewarding, from exercise to work to dating, and everything in between. Even as a doctor, I couldn't quite figure out why. Hormone tests came back “normal,” so surely testosterone couldn't be to blame.

But then I started doing my own research. As it turns out, those “normal” testosterone levels of mine were far from normal, and they're based on flawed studies that make it “normal” for a 25-year-old man to feel like a 65-year-old. My issues were being ignored by my endocrinologist, just like you might have been ignored by your doctor.

Trust me—low testosterone doesn't have to be a normal part of aging. You deserve to feel 100% and nothing less.

Loss of ambition, depression, non-existent sex drive—just some of the crushing effects of low testosterone. Gone untreated, these symptoms only grow worse, leaving you feeling isolated and hopeless. If you're like me, and you've been feeling like half the man you used to be, get in touch with us right now. Testosterone replacement therapy might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Welcome to BONAFIDE men - Massachusetts' top testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic.

Tom Thatcher

32 y/o Salesperson

Tom came to us after falling into a depression, and just didn't feel like a man anymore. His story is all too common—but with BONAFIDE men TRT, his happy ending is becoming pretty common too.
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Chris Hansen

39 y/o Mechanic

Chris was sick and tired of plateauing at the gym, and came to BONAFIDE men to get his test checked. You won't believe his results after just a few months of TRT.
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Greg York

58 y/o Attorney

Greg was feeling deflated and even bored in the bedroom, and was starting to think something was very wrong. After a couple weeks of BONAFIDE men TRT, Gus got his mojo back. Find out how.
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Dr. Richards is award winning

Questions & Answers

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT picks up the slack when your body is unable to produce enough testosterone naturally to keep up with your demands.

What is the best testosterone replacement therapy?

The most common forms of TRT are gels, injections and patches. Each therapy has its own set of benefits, so talk with your Revive doctor to find out which is best for you.

Will testosterone replacement therapy build muscle?

TRT and anabolic steroids are not the same, and undergoing testosterone replacement therapy will not turn you into a professional bodybuilder overnight. However, balancing your T levels will make it easier for you to gain muscle and lose fat through exercise.

What's the testosterone replacement therapy injection dosage?

With injections, a typical weekly dose might be 125 mg, although this will vary based on individual needs.

How long before testosterone replacement therapy works?

TRT doesn't work after just one treatment, and you'll need to keep at it to continue seeing results. However, most people being seeing results after just a few weeks.

What is bioidentical testosterone?

Bioidentical testosterone is simply a marketing term that's not even recognized by the FDA. It's a sales technique, nothing more.

What's a TRT clinic like?

Whether you stop in at a Revive location in Massachusetts or California, you can expect a few things right off the bat—elite staff and cutting-edge facilities with the latest, most powerful tools available.

Each facility is built with you in mind. Between incredible comfort and incredible medical care, you'll know you're in the right place from the second you walk through our doors. Everything you need to achieve a healthier, more balanced you is waiting right here.

How can I trust you?

Over the years, Revive has helped thousands of guys in Massachusetts and beyond regain normal T levels and achieve a balanced lifestyle. Every patient is different, and we work closely with each guy who walks through our doors to ensure the best care imaginable.

Check out some of our reviews on sites like Real Self—they speak for themselves. Revive has a proven track record of delivering the results our patients want, period. Whether that's confidence, ambition, or getting your fitness goals back on track, we've got you covered.

Why BONAFIDE men over my doctor?

We aren't your general practitioner, and we aren't even your typical endocrinologist. Revive TRT specializes in one thing and one thing only—restoring your mind and body to peak performance with testosterone replacement therapy.

Our top-notch team of specialists and doctors possess decades of training and experience and deliver amazing results day in and day out all across the country. We just get TRT, and soon you will too.

Where cities are you in Texas?

Boston Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Beantown low T treatments, at your service.

How to get on testosterone replacement therapy in Massachusetts?

Getting on TRT isn't as easy as seeing your general practitioner. Get in touch with doctors who know exactly how to treat low testosterone—shoot Revive an email ASAP.

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