Meet Gary

Nowadays, Gary is doing great. Things are looking up. Life is swell. But that didn't use to be the case. A year ago, Gary suffered from the debilitating effects of low testosterone, and he had no clue...

1 Year Ago...

Gary wasn't feeling so chipper. Sadness and anger were daily realities for Gary ever since he turned 30. Gary's enjoyment of life was plummeting and he had no idea what to do. Even worse, his libido and performance were falling flat...

Gary researches...

Doctors didn't know what to do. Worse, some told Gary he didn't even have a problem. Therapy, medicine...nothing really worked. That's when Gary learned about low T online, and that he wasn't alone in his struggle…


For Gary, life after TRT is going great. He just got a promotion. His body is seeing improvements at the gym. And, his love life is better than ever before. With newly revitalized testosterone levels, Gary is living it up as a bonafide man.

Feeling like Gary?

Here are 6 Sure Signs of Low Testosterone


Lack of Energy

Low T keeps you in bed longer in the morning, and even frequent naps aren't enough to fully boost your wakefulness.

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Decreased Enjoyment in Life

From dating to fitness, low T makes it hard to enjoy just about anything in life.

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Muscle Loss and Fat Gain

Easy to gain fat, hard to gain muscle. Those are the realities of life with low testosterone.

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Loss of Sex Drive (libido)

Decreased desire for sex and impotence due to low T totally derail your love life.

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Loss of Ambition

Every challenge is an impossible mountain, and all goals seem like a pipe dream with low testosterone.

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Isolation and desperation from low T are worsened by the fact that finding treatment is so difficult—if you don't know where to look.

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You are not alone!

Dr. Richards has helped thousands of men just like you.

Rob Richards


Hey there, my name is Dr. Rob Richards. You might not believe this, but about ten years ago my life was in pretty much the same spot you're in right now. Something just felt off, like everything was an effort and nothing was rewarding—not exercise, not work, not even my interactions with other people. Even as a physician, I was in the dark as to why I felt this way. Running bloodwork only showed that my hormone levels were “normal,” so there's no way low testosterone was the culprit.

But then I started asking questions. I began challenging the concept of a healthy range for free testosterone when that range still left countless men feeling worn out and tired, far from “normal” in my book. Just like you, my issue wasn't being taken seriously by the medical status quo and I was fed up.

Most doctors just don't get testosterone. But trust me, low testosterone is not normal, and there is help.

Depression, lost sex drive, and a total lack of ambition are just a handful of the debilitating effects of low T, and they grow worse and worse the longer your condition is ignored. If you're tired of running at 75% or 50% capacity, send us a message right away. Testosterone replacement therapy changes lives, and yours could be next.

Welcome to BONAFIDE men - Tennessee' top testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic.

Tom Thatcher

32 y/o Salesperson

Tom came to us after falling into a depression, and just didn't feel like a man anymore. His story is all too common—but with BONAFIDE men TRT, his happy ending is becoming pretty common too.
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Chris Hansen

39 y/o Mechanic

Chris was sick and tired of plateauing at the gym, and came to BONAFIDE men to get his test checked. You won't believe his results after just a few months of TRT.
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Greg York

58 y/o Attorney

Greg was feeling deflated and even bored in the bedroom, and was starting to think something was very wrong. After a couple weeks of BONAFIDE men TRT, Gus got his mojo back. Find out how.
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Dr. Richards is award winning

Questions & Answers

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT makes up for your body's natural (or unnatural) decline in testosterone production by supplementing this crucial hormone through injections, patches or gels.

What is the best testosterone replacement therapy?

Gels, patches and injections are the most prescribed forms of TRT, each with its own pros and cons that should be discussed with your doctor before beginning treatment.

Will testosterone replacement therapy build muscle?

Anabolic steroids are not the same thing as testosterone replacement therapy. TRT will remove the barriers stopping you from making gains at the gym, but it will not make you massive in a short period of time like anabolic steroids.

What's the testosterone replacement therapy injection dosage?

Typical weekly injections run from 100 to 125 mg, although varies by individual need.

How long before testosterone replacement therapy works?

TRT requires multiple treatments to see full results, and requires continued treatment to keep seeing those results. Most patients start feeling different after just a few weeks.

What is bioidentical testosterone?

Bioidentical testosterone is simply a marketing term that's not even recognized by the FDA. It's a sales technique, nothing more.

What's a TRT clinic like?

Each Revive facility is built with our patients in mind. At Revive, you really can experience total comfort and world-class medical care, and you'll feel right at home as soon as you step into our facilities.

Whether you're visiting in Tennessee or elsewhere in the country, you'll always be treated to top-notch care by an elite staff and cutting-edge medical facilities. In short, we provide everything you need to meet your testosterone replacement needs under one roof.

How can I trust you?

Revive has helped thousands of guys like you (from Tennessee to California) regain balanced, healthy T levels and achieve balance in their lives. Each patient is unique, which is why we work so closely with each and every person who walks through our doors to deliver the best results possible.

Check out our reviews on sites like Real Self—our patients speak for themselves. Revive has a steady record of improving lives, period. Regain confidence, hit the gym harder than ever before, and restore your body to its former glory with TRT.

Why BONAFIDE men over my doctor?

Revive TRT is an authority in testosterone replacement therapy. Unlike many general practitioners, we take your health and hormone levels very seriously. Revive specializes in revitalizing your body and balancing your life through the power of TRT.

We don't rely on anti-depressants or surgery or any of the other “treatments” cooked up by doctors unwilling to address the root cause of your problems because they ignore the big, fat “T” staring them in the face. We get TRT, and you will too.

Where cities are you in Texas?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Memphis

TRT in Memphis, serving all of Tennessee.

How do I get on testosterone replacement therapy in Memphis?

Memphis testosterone replacement therapy isn't as easy as seeing your normal doctor. Get in touch with Revive ASAP to finally meet a medical professional who takes testosterone seriously.

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