Meet Gary

Look at Gary—he's doing A-okay. Fantastic, even. Life is good. But life for Gary wasn't always so rosy. A year ago, he was wrestling with the effects of low testosterone—and Gary didn't even know it...

1 Year Ago...

Gary wasn't quite feeling 100%. Every day, Gary dealt with anger, depression and feelings of helplessness. His quality of life had been going down the tubes since he turned 30, and his sex life was suffering…

Gary researches...

Gary's doctors told him not to worry. Gary was just aging naturally—he should just accept his fate. But Gary started doing research on his own, and he found out about low testosterone. Gary wasn't alone—and there was a solution...


Backed by a doctor who really listened, Gary's life found new balance with TRT. In the past year, Gary got promoted, got back to the gym with a vengeance, and rediscovered his lost sex drive. Gary finally remembers what it means to be a bonafide man.

Feeling like Gary?

Here are 6 Sure Signs of Low Testosterone


Lack of Energy

Low testosterone makes it tough to get out of bed and easy to keep hitting that snooze button.

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Decreased Enjoyment in Life

From relationships to hobbies, low T ruins our ability to enjoy all the things we used to love.

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Muscle Loss and Fat Gain

Low T makes working out an ordeal, with easy fat gain and difficult muscle gain.

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Loss of Sex Drive (libido)

Low T makes maintaining an erection much more difficult, and also decreases your overall desire for sex.

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Loss of Ambition

Living with low testosterone means losing your drive and your edge.

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Low T levels cause crippling depression and lead to feelings of hopelessness and despair.

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You are not alone!

Dr. Richards has helped thousands of men just like you.

Rob Richards


Hey there! I'm Dr. Rob Richards, and I used to suffer from low testosterone. About 10 years ago, I was feeling just like you might be feeling right now—run down, exhausted, and totally uninterested in the things I used to enjoy. After running some tests, my hormone levels came back “normal,” so I thought there was no way testosterone could be the culprit.

But then I started doing some digging on my own, and I found out those “normal” T levels of mine weren't so normal after all. As you already know, low T is misrepresented as normal testosterone every day, leaving countless men seeking help for their hormone-related problems.

So let me be clear—there's nothing normal or natural about having rock-bottom testosterone levels. You deserve to feel incredible, not just average or mediocre.

But that's exactly what you get with low T—depression, delayed or nonexistent results at the gym, lack of interest in sex...just a few of the many problems faced by guys with low testosterone. Testosterone is our defining hormone, and it's what makes us men. If you've been feeling left out in the cold by other doctors or just want to get help ASAP, get in touch with us right away to schedule a consultation—and start getting your life back on track.

Welcome to BONAFIDE men - Texas' top testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic.

Tom Thatcher

32 y/o Salesperson

Tom came to us after falling into a depression, and just didn't feel like a man anymore. His story is all too common—but with BONAFIDE men TRT, his happy ending is becoming pretty common too.
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Chris Hansen

39 y/o Mechanic

Chris was sick and tired of plateauing at the gym, and came to BONAFIDE men to get his test checked. You won't believe his results after just a few months of TRT.
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Greg York

58 y/o Attorney

Greg was feeling deflated and even bored in the bedroom, and was starting to think something was very wrong. After a couple weeks of BONAFIDE men TRT, Gus got his mojo back. Find out how.
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Questions & Answers

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT is designed to make up for your body's decline in testosterone production by using injections, gels or patches to deliver outside sources of testosterone.

What is the best testosterone replacement therapy?

Each form of hormone therapy has its own set of benefits. Discuss your options with your doctor to find out if gels, patches or injections are the best choice for you.

Will testosterone replacement therapy build muscle?

While TRT doesn't work the same as anabolic steroids, balancing your T levels will make gaining muscle and burning fat easier.

What's the testosterone replacement therapy injection dosage?

Testosterone replacement therapy clinics Texas injections usually involve 100 to 125 mg each week.

How long before testosterone replacement therapy works?

Many men begin seeing results after just a few weeks of TRT.

What is bioidentical testosterone?

Bioidentical testosterone is simply a marketing term that's not even recognized by the FDA. It's a sales technique, nothing more.

What's a TRT clinic like?

Whether you're getting TRT in Texas or New York, all of our facilities share a few things in common—being staffed with the best TRT experts we could find, and being stocked with the most cutting-edge equipment available.

Revive facilities offer the medical care you expect from one of the top TRT providers, plus the comfort and relaxation you might not expect from a medical center. The whole experience is designed to make your TRT as safe and effective as possible.

How can I trust you?

Just take a peek at some of our incredible testimonials and reviews on sites like Real Self, and you can see just how many people we've helped feel revitalized and transformed through TRT.

We're serious about helping men achieve balance in life, and our deep history of performing safe, effective TRT means we're perfectly equipped to help you achieve the optimal testosterone you deserve.

Why BONAFIDE men over my doctor?

The difference between Revive and your general practitioner is that we “get” testosterone replacement therapy, and we understand how vitally important optimal testosterone really is.

We're with you—if you've been told by another doctor that your T levels are fine, we want to talk. With decades of experience in TRT, our elite staff have been working to bring TRT to guys like you all over the country.

Where cities are you in Texas?

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Safe, effective testosterone replacement therapy in Dallas!

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Elite testosterone replacement therapy Plano TX.

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How do I get on testosterone replacement therapy?

Getting on testosterone replacement therapy in Texas is simple, just as long as you visit a specialist who takes TRT seriously. Get in touch with us right away to schedule a consultation, and we'll help you figure out if TRT is really the best choice for you.

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