February 26th

What’s the Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

What’s the Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Do you have low testosterone? Worried about the cost of TRT? Well, there’s good news—testosterone replacement therapy is a hell of a lot cheaper than you probably think.

We offer low cost testosterone replacement therapy for men from all walks of life. TLDR version? You can afford it and it is worth it. Still not convinced? Read on!

Forget expensive (but worthless) pills and herbal supplements. Real, lifelong testosterone balancing is cheaper in the long run, plus it actually works.

Let’s take a look at how much TRT is going to cost you each month—and how much NOT going on testosterone replacement therapy might cost.

How much does TRT cost?

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. How much is TRT going to cost you?

The cost for testosterone replacement therapy can be broken down into doctor fees, the injectable testosterone itself, and other supplies (such as needles) that you’ll need for regular injections.

Doctor fees can range from very small to pretty substantial based on where you go. The plus side for visiting your general practitioner is that insurance might cover your TRT prescriptions. The downside is that so many doctors are totally misinformed about testosterone, and are likely to either:

  • Not prescribe you testosterone at all
  • Or, prescribe too little (or tell you to inject infrequently), which can itself be damaging to your body

If you’re stuck in a typical western country like the good ol’ USA, that leaves anti-aging clinics.*

*Countries with more lax pharmaceutical laws actually sell testosterone injections over-the-counter. Amazing, I know.

Anyway, anti-aging clinics tend to charge a yearly membership fee, which is usually several hundred dollars. Yes, that sounds steep when taken at face value. But what are you actually getting at an anti-aging clinic?

Simple—you’re meeting with doctors and other professionals who actually understand how testosterone works, and know EXACTLY how much YOUR body needs to function at peak efficiency.

General practitioners are just as likely to prescribe a teeny-tiny dose of testosterone injections to a 25 year-old as they are to a 75 year-old. The “normal” healthy testosterone range is based on elderly men, after all—NOT the average guy, and certainly not you.

The anti-aging clinic will get you straightened out with healthy, optimal doses of testosterone, plus tell you exactly when to inject to keep available T levels high at all times.

Depending on whether you use your regular doctor or an anti-aging clinic, factoring in co-pays/membership fees, injection costs and needle costs, your monthly cost for TRT should be between $50-$100.

What’s the cost of NOT going on TRT?

Sure, $100 per month sounds steep. But is it really?

Put another way, would you spend $100 per month to avoid:

  • Lethargy
  • Lack of ambition
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Not feeling like a man

Low T carries with it so many side effects, it can reduce even the most manly men to nothing. While many  would argue the benefits of TRT far outweigh the draw backs.

And the effects are so gradual, it’s like that saying about boiling a frog—your symptoms gradually get worse and worse, until one day you look back and wonder how the heck you even got to this point.

Is TRT worth it?

Testosterone replacement therapy has a sticker price, for sure. But its true value (and this is coming from someone who’s been on TRT for decades) is far greater than the price tag.

We’ve helped hundreds of men achieve healthy, balanced testosterone levels. Seeing these guys return for their follow-up appointments is a sight to behold—once depressed, out-of-shape and feeling lost in life, our patients return with their heads held high, feeling like a million bucks.

Having low testosterone for too long truly demoralizes men. It’s an issue that doesn’t get enough publicity, which is a complete shame. Having been on TRT personally, the thousand bucks I spend every year on testosterone replacement is worth far more than the sticker price.

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