Meet Gary

Nowadays, Gary is feeling swell. Life is good—things are really looking up. But that wasn't always the case. Just one year ago, Gary was suffering from low testosterone, and he had no idea…

1 Year Ago...

Gary was NOT feeling swell. Depression and anger were daily realities. Since his thirtieth birthday, Gary's quality of life was going down the tubes and he couldn't find an answer why. And besides that, his sex life had gone pretty flaccid…

Gary researches...

Doctors had no idea how to help Gary. They thought Gary was in a rut. Some said Gary was just aging naturally. But then Gary started doing his own research. And he found out there were countless other guys with the same problems…


Finally, Gary saw the light. After getting on TRT, Gary's quality of life is through the roof. He's back in the gym. He just got a promotion at work. Gary's sex life is even better than it was in college. With testosterone restored, Gary's ready to rock and roll as a bonafide new man.

Feeling like Gary?

Here are 6 Sure Signs of Low Testosterone


Lack of Energy

Low T drains your energy, leaving you exhausted every day. Frequent naps and difficulty climbing out of bed are common.

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Decreased Enjoyment of Life

With low testosterone, men find it difficult to enjoy the things they once loved. Hobbies, sports, relationships, work...everything becomes a chore.

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Muscle Loss and Fat Gain

Low testosterone kills muscle gains at the gym, and makes it extremely difficult for you to lose fat—and very easy to gain fat.

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Loss of Sex Drive (libido)

T is the spark that leads to sex. Without balanced testosterone, it becomes very easy for men to withdraw from sex and dating completely.

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Loss of Ambition

Without balanced testosterone, it's hard to complete even the most simple of tasks. Long-term goals become insurmountable, and to-do lists grow with no end in sight.

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Worst of all, the combination of side effects of low T can lead to depression. Men suffering from low testosterone often feel hopelessly lost, seeing no way out of their downward spiral.

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You are not alone!

Dr. Richards has helped thousands of men just like you.

Rob Richards


Hey there, I'm Dr. Rob Richards. About ten years ago, my life had hit rock bottom. Everything felt like a huge effort, from weightlifting to sex. But even with my medical background, I didn't really know what was wrong—after getting my testosterone checked, my T levels were “normal.”

So I dug a little deeper. I discovered that “normal” testosterone varies between people—what's fine for one man is dangerously low for another. And my experience is just one of many; millions of other men throughout the country suffer from the side effects of low T, either unknowingly or after being denied treatment by a doctor.

But low T isn't normal. We deserve to feel 100%, not 25%.

Depression, low sex drive, fat gain, lack of ambition...just a handful of the many crippling effects of low testosterone. T is what makes men, well...men. Without healthy, balanced testosterone levels, you will never feel the same as you once did. So if you feel stuck in life, uninterested in sex, or just don't have that flame inside you anymore, NOW is the time to get your testosterone checked. You CAN get your life back—take a look at me.

Welcome to BONAFIDE men - the number 1 place to go in California for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)

Tom Thatcher

32 y/o Salesperson

Tom came to Revive after experiencing depression for 2 years. Come see why his doctor was WRONG, and how TRT lifted his spirits and helped get his life back.
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Chris Hansen

39 y/o Mechanic

Chris came to see us because his progress at the gym was grinding to a halt. Come see how boosting his testosterone took his lifting to new heights.
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Greg York

58 y/o Attorney

Greg was tired of feeling apathetic about women. It was obvious that Hank's testosterone levels were very low—check out how TRT helped him regain his lost sex drive in a big way.
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Dr. Richards is award winning

Questions & Answers

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Your body should be making a certain amount of testosterone to keep you happy and healthy, but that's not always the case. TRT simply means regularly augmenting your body's low T production with an outside source of testosterone.

What is the best testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT is most commonly administered in patches, gels or injections, and each method has pros and cons. But meeting with a specialist is the only way to find out which way is best for YOU.

Will testosterone replacement therapy build muscle?

TRT is NOT the same as anabolic steroids, and won't make your muscles grow out of control. However, balancing your T levels makes it much easier to see the gains you want at the gym.

What's the testosterone replacement therapy injection dosage?

Your mileage may vary, but T injections should involve at least 125 mg per week.

How long before testosterone replacement therapy works?

It will take a few weeks of treatment to notice the full effects of your new-found T levels—but after that, be prepared for some BIG changes.

What is bioidentical testosterone?

Bioidentical testosterone is simply a marketing term that's not even recognized by the FDA. It's a sales technique, nothing more.

What's a TRT clinic like?

Despite having offices and labs all across the nation, our facilities do have a couple things in common—world-class equipment and the latest technology, providing the ultimate NYC testosterone replacement therapy experience.

Each Revive office is custom-built with our patients in mind. Setting foot in a Revive office is like stepping into a medical spa. Each location is outfitted with the best, safest medical equipment, allowing our doctors to provide the most cutting-edge treatments available, fully customized for you and YOUR body.

How can I trust you?

At BONAFIDE men, we've helped thousands and thousands of men in California just like you achieve balance in life through testosterone replacement therapy. That means we've likely seen many men with cases very similar to yours, and we're expertly prepared to help YOU.

Our dozens of California testosterone replacement therapy reviews and testimonials speak for themselves—we're serious about patient happiness, and it drives all that we do. Here's to helping thousands more.

Why BONAFIDE men over my doctor?

BONAFIDE men is totally focused on one thing—testosterone replacement therapy for guys just like you. Unlike general practitioners, we know the pain of being denied treatment for being within the so-called “normal” testosterone range.

Our team is an elite group of doctors and other medical experts with decades of training and experience in safe, effective TRT, and we've gotten really good at what we do.

Where cities are you in Utah?

Los Angeles Testosterone Replace Therapy

Check out our sprawling facility in LA, home of some of our most skilled TRT specialists.

San Diego Testosterone Replace Therapy

Low T in San Diego? Stop on by our labs and get your T fixed ASAP.

San Francisco Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Our San Francisco clinic is packed with experience, and ready to help with all your low T problems.

How do I get on testosterone replacement therapy?

Sadly, many doctors just don't GET testosterone and don't have a clue about TRT. Getting on the proper testosterone replacement therapy can only be done by seeing a trained T-specialist and finding out exactly how low your testosterone really is. Come check out Revive, and find out why we're being called Testosterone Replacement Therapy California HQ.

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