Meet Gary

Nowadays, things are looking good for Gary. Life is swell. But a year ago, Gary was a totally different guy. His body and mind were getting hammered by low testosterone, and Gary didn't suspect a thing…

1 Year Ago...

Gary was feeling depressed and angry almost every day. He was not a happy camper. Since his 30th birthday, Gary's life had slowly turned upside-down—from no motivation at work to limp performance in bed…

Gary researches...

Nobody could help Gary. None of his doctors had a clue—they told Gary he was just going through a phase. But Gary was getting fed up. He started doing his own research, and he finally found the solution to his problems…


Gary found a doctor who listened. Now on TRT, Gary is back to true form in the gym, in the office...and between the sheets. Gary made a radical transformation with one little decision—and now he's loving life as a bonafide man once again.

Feeling like Gary?

Here are 6 Sure Signs of Low Testosterone


Lack of Energy

Low testosterone = low batteries, meaning getting out of bed in the morning becomes almost impossible.

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Decreased Enjoyment in Life

Work, exercise, personal relationships...low T wrecks your ability to enjoy just about anything.

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Muscle Loss and Fat Gain

We want to gain muscle and lose fat, but low testosterone totally reverses those goals, making us lose muscle and GAIN fat.

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Loss of Sex Drive (libido)

Sex? With low T, you might as well forget about it. Low T decreases our desire for sex and makes maintaining an erection very difficult.

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Loss of Ambition

Your edge, dulled perfectly smooth by the ravages of low T. With low testosterone, men experience a total loss of ambition and drive.

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Low T drives men to depression, leaving you alone and lost. Depression is made even worse by the fact that finding treatment for the root cause—low T—is so difficult.

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You are not alone!

Dr. Richards has helped thousands of men just like you.

Rob Richards


Hey there, I'm Dr. Rob Richards. Roughly ten years ago, I had hit a pretty rough patch. I probably felt just like you do right now—how everything was off, from dating to exercise to work and every little thing in between. But even as a physician, I couldn't figure out why. Testosterone tests revealed I had “normal” levels, so I quickly ruled out low T as the issue.

But then I started digging. Turns out, these “normal” testosterone levels are far from normal for most men. They're horribly low. And my experience wasn't unique. Across the country, millions of men were suffering from low T and being ignored by their doctors.

Take it from me—your low testosterone is not normal, and you deserve to feel better than you do right now.

Depression. Low sex drive. Total loss of ambition and that spark that makes you a confident, self-assured man. Those are just some of the debilitating effects of low T, and continuing untreated will only amplify those effects. If you feel like a shell of the man you once were and you're ready to take back your life, get in touch with us immediately. TRT works like you wouldn't believe, and we'll show you how.

Welcome to BONAFIDE men - Nevada's top testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinic.

Tom Thatcher

32 y/o Salesperson

Tom came to us after falling into a depression, and just didn't feel like a man anymore. His story is all too common—but with BONAFIDE men TRT, his happy ending is becoming pretty common too.
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Chris Hansen

39 y/o Mechanic

Chris was sick and tired of plateauing at the gym, and came to BONAFIDE men to get his test checked. You won't believe his results after just a few months of TRT.
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Greg York

58 y/o Attorney

Greg was feeling deflated and even bored in the bedroom, and was starting to think something was very wrong. After a couple weeks of BONAFIDE men TRT, Gus got his mojo back. Find out how.
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Dr. Richards is award winning

Questions & Answers

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

TRT replaces your body's natural testosterone-making machinery with brand-new testosterone using gels, patches or injections.

What is the best testosterone replacement therapy?

Patches, gels and injections are the most common types of TRT, each with pros and cons that need to be discussed with one of our doctors to find the best treatment for your unique needs.

Will testosterone replacement therapy build muscle?

TRT does not directly build muscle. However, achieving balanced testosterone will make it easier to see results at the gym than you did with low T.

What's the testosterone replacement therapy injection dosage?

Testosterone dosage varies, but a typical weekly injection dosage is usually at least 125 mg.

How long before testosterone replacement therapy works?

Hormone replacement therapy isn't instant, but it's probably faster than you think. Most patients start seeing results within just a few weeks of treatment.

What is bioidentical testosterone?

Bioidentical testosterone is simply a marketing term that's not even recognized by the FDA. It's a sales technique, nothing more.

What's a TRT clinic like?

Our offices and labs across the nation all share a few things in common—being staffed with incredible people and boasting the latest and greatest medical technology on the planet.

All of our Revive TRT locations are built with our patients in mind. Offering top-notch comfort and all the capabilities you expect from an elite TRT center, you'll feel at home from the moment you set foot in our offices. Everything you need to achieve a better, revitalized you is waiting right here.

How can I trust you?

Revive has helped thousands of guys like you over the years regain healthy T levels and achieve balance in life. We know every patient is unique, which is why we work closely with you to deliver the most personalized care possible.

Our reviews and recommendations speak for themselves. Check out what our patients are saying on Real Self. We don't just do TRT—we also deliver confidence, ambition, and a renewed love of life.

Why BONAFIDE men over my doctor?

We aren't general practitioners. At Revive, we specialize in providing the best TRT in the world, and we do it very well. Revive focuses on testosterone replacement therapy because many of us know first-hand the frustration of dealing with doctors who just don't get low T.

Our passionate team of physicians and technicians has decades of experience and training, and deliver incredible results to our patients all across Nevada—and beyond. That's the power of testosterone replacement therapy.

Where cities are you in Texas?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Las Vegas NV

Elite medical care in our desert oasis.

Looking for testosterone replacement therapy in Las Vegas?

You might have had bad experiences with other doctors in the past when seeking help for low T, but those days are over. Get in touch ASAP, and let's get started balancing your testosterone and revitalizing your body and mind.

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